Analyse, équations aux dérivées partielles non linéaires

ERC ReaDi – Reaction-Diffusion Equations, Propagation and Modelling

What is the common point between the development of a migrain, crime evolution in a town, the invasion of a piece of land by a pest or the propagation of a fire? They may all be described by reaction-diffusion processes. Trying to understand, or to describe, or to find possible common features to these events, lead us to  the study of front propagation under reaction-diffusion processes.

One of the challenges in all the above processes is that they occur in highly heterogeneus media.  The goal of this project is to make a leap forward in the description of front propagation with highly heterogeneous diffusion and transport processes. Mathematically, this will lead us to use elements from – and possibly to prove new results in – partial differential equations, infinite dimensional dynamical systems, nonlocal equations and nonlocal diffusion processes, nonlocal free boundary problems, nonstandard spatial couplings.

More details on the ERC ReaDi webpage.