The Economy as a Complex Spatial System
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The Economy as a Complex Spatial System

Macro, Meso and Micro Perspectives

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Pasquale Commendatore, Ingrid Kubin, Spiros Bougheas, Alan Kirman, Michael Kopel, Gian Italo Bischi

Editions Springer Cham
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ISBN 13 978-3-319-65626-7

This collected volume represents the final outcome of the COST Action IS1104 “The EU in the new complex geography of economic systems: models, tools and policy evaluation”.

Visualizing the EU as a complex and multi-layered network, the book is organized in three parts, each of them dealing with a different level of analysis: At the macro-level, Part I considers the interactions within large economic systems (regions or countries) involving trade, workers migration, and other factor movements. At the meso-level, Part II discusses interactions within specific but wide-ranging markets, with a focus on financial markets and banking systems. Lastly, at the micro-level, Part III explores the decision-making of single firms, especially in the context of location decisions.

This book is open access under a CC BY-NC 4.0 license.